Carolina Trace Country Club (located within CT boundaries, but it is a separate entity)

Carolina Trace Volunteer Fire Department (located adjacent to CT; Lee County response)

Social Media
There are a variety of social media sites and feeds; please check with your neighbors or search on whichever platform you prefer. Please note that CTA does not use social media for official communications; that will come through your specific POA.

Free Local News
CTA News
- sent out monthly to all POAs following the CTA Board of Directors meeting. If you are not receiving news emails from your POA, please check in your POA's leadership.

The Rant
- local news that is free, either online or via paper copy available at grocery stores around the Sanford area, or at the Carolina Trace Country Club.

City of Sanford Links

City of Sanford
Downtown SanfordMap of Attractions (Lee County)
Central Carolina Community College
The Enrichment Center (Senior Center)
Carolina Animal Rescue and Adoption
Social Sanford
Brush and Palette Club (art from local artists, including many from our community)

Lee County, NC Links
Carolina Trace Volunteer Fire Department
Lee County Government
Lee County Geographic Information System
Lee County Public Library
Volunteer Lee
Lee County Schools
Lee County Agricultural/Cooperative Extension

North Carolina Links
State of North Carolina
NC Department of Transportation
NC Wildlife Resources Commission  

Utilities Serving Carolina Trace
Electric Utility - Duke Energy
Water/Sewer Utility - Carolina Water Service, Inc.
Internet - Spectrum | Windstream/Kinetic