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Resident Guidelines for Requesting Visitor Passes from the Gatehouse
CT Resident Guidelines for Requesting Visitor Passes (June 2023) - this includes guidelines for requesting passes for all types of visitors (contractors, deliveries, estate sales, yard sales, real estate open houses). NOTE: The Gate Sentry system has streamlined this process; this form will be updated soon. (April 2024)

E-Sticker and Contractor Pass Info
E-stickers and contractor passes will be issued M-F, 7 a.m. - 1 p.m., credit or debit only (use of POS system in place)

E-sticker guidelines
E-sticker application - (July 13, 2023) this file has been pulled for updating. Please visit the gatehouse for an application. 
E-sticker deactivation 
E-sticker exception rule and application

CTA Enforcement and Adjudication policy  |  Policy Regarding the Reporting of Incidents within CT

S&S Policy on CTA Meetings at Gatehouse