About CTA

What does CTA do?

CTA is responsible for the ownership, operation and maintenance of much of the core infrastructure that is used and shared in common by all residents and property owners of Carolina Trace. These common elements consist of:

  • Traceway (North and South)*, which is the main artery (approximately 6 miles in length) connecting all of the POAs to each other and to the three entrances
  • Three bridges on Traceway
  • Storm drainage along Traceway
  • The two-lane entrance way from 87N to the Gatehouse
  • The land known as "Sign Island" along 87N
  • The Gatehouse located at the entrance on Traceway S
  • All electronic gates and associated equipment and media centers at the entrances
  • The turnaround loop just near the Gatehouse
  • The emergency exit near the fire station
  • Two large school bus shelters at the back gates
  • The landscaping and hardscape located on these common elements.

*Traceway is a privately owned road and is not maintained by any governmental entity.

In addition, CTA oversees and funds the security contractor responsible for staffing the Gatehouse on a 24/7 basis. CTA also serves as a forum for the POAs, through their elected representatives to CTA, to discuss issues of common concern and to exchange ideas for the betterment of each POA. 

CTA does not control or otherwise manage the individual POAs, which are solely responsible for common elements within their individual boundaries; such as:

  • Street repair
  • Clearing of trees or downed branches along POA streets
  • Landscaping of POA common areas
  • Special amenities such as swimming pools, etc. 

Each POA sets its own budget and assessments for individual lots within the POA, which will include the POA's pro rata share of CTA expenses, as calculated under a formula in the CTA Bylaws.  All assessments to lot owners are billed by and paid to the POA, not to CTA.

CTA organizational chart

It should also be noted that CTA has no ownership interest in the Carolina Trace Country Club or any real estate firms in this area.